published workbooks

Here are samples of published projects that I had the pleasure working on.

Have a look and discover each author's workbook journey.

Judy Machado-Duque Life Purpose Playbook


"Theresa was able to take my book, my writing and all the exercises, as well as my creative brief, and come back with much much more than I expected. She has a natural feminine nature and spiritual essence that created such a beautiful, powerful, magical presence on each page! She is extremely efficient and excellent at time management so all steps of the creative process were so seamlessly reviewed and approved. She even helped to take some of the worksheet exercises and suggest some small changes to ensure even more clarity for the reader. She is a phenomenal strategic planner, graphic designer and creative writer. I absolutely LOVE working with Theresa and recommend her to anyone who is creating workbooks with the intention to create an impact on society and humanity!"

This is the Ultimate Guide To Goal Setting And Daily Planning. The Life Purpose Playbook includes several interactive tools to discover and live your life on purpose.

  • fill in the blanks

  • checklists

  • short and long answer prompts

  • multiple choice questions

  • charts

  • note sections

  • colouring

  • cut & paste activity

Brittany Krystantos I Am Not Your Average Teen


"Theresa is incredible, she has an eye for art and design. She has a special talent, all it takes is for you to explain your project to her; you'll notice her mind will instantly go somewhere else, with ideas and vision coming to her.  I couldn't ask for a better person to design the interior of my book. It's not the same without her design and formatting. She understood my vision, and spent more effort and time then she should have done. This book wouldn't be the success that it is without her."

This book shares 11 easy-to-follow Tools that changed Brittany's life. Embedded within are several interactive ways to join her journey in finding hope and the solution to celebrate life.

  • fill in the blanks
  • short and long answer prompts
  • reflection pages
  • checklists

Andrew Critelli The Spirit Ritual Formula Journal


"I have worked with Theresa on my book The Spirit Ritual Formula Journal. Her skill set, attention to detail, vision and heart have made her the best graphic designer that I have ever worked with. Right from the beginning Theresa took an interest in the project and understood its merits. I could tell right away that Theresa was the perfect designer for what I had in mind. She took interest in the subject matter and was able to clearly see all of the possibilities in it. Creating this book and seeing it come to life was one of my greatest accomplishments in life and I could not have done it without Theresa. Theresa is very professional and knows how to get a job done and help move it forward as well. There are a lot of moving pieces when creating a book and Theresa put the best effort into all of it. Our phone meetings were enjoyable too. Whether it was bouncing ideas off of each other, creating and tweaking something and editing things. Each of these things are important to producing the best work possible. It is Theresa’s amazing abilities as a designer, great personal nature and dedication to the project that allow me to recommend her with the highest confidence. I would highly recommend getting in contact with her today to see if she would be available to help you to bring your project to life."

This easy to follow book is made up of Spiritually Charged morning and nightly rituals for a happier life. The organized, fun journal pages motivate personal transformation.

  • fill in the blanks
  • short answer prompts
  • lists
  • journal pages 

Susan Ksiezopolski The Writer's Workbook

THE WRITER'S WORKBOOK | Susan Ksiezopolski

"From the beginning her exquisite design proposal motivated me to write. Her artwork helped keep the momentum going. Theresa’s vision for my workbook coupled with her stunning artwork made the workbook come alive. She is very skilled at bringing life to ideas and her own creativity jumps out of every page inviting the writer to join in. Theresa captured the real essence of what I was hoping for to create with my writer’s workbook - a wonderful sacred beautiful space to inspire creativity!!"

This workbook uses visually stunning writing spaces to present creative writing tools. The exercises are designed to encourage the exploration of several writing aids. It engages the writer with techniques aimed at unleashing creativity.

  • short answer prompts
  • checklists
  • fill in the blanks
  • unique writing spaces
  • rating scales
  • colouring

Georgina Cannon Advanced Hypnosis Toolkit

Advanced Hypnosis Toolkit | GeorgiNA Cannon

“Working with Theresa is a joy.  As well as her natural artistic sense, she has an eye for detail and consistency that is rare.  I highly recommend her.”

Designed specifically for counsellors and social workers that have knowledge of hypnosis. This toolkit introduces and explores 13 Breakthrough Tools for Change. It covers a wide variety of client issues providing resources for habit and behavioural change.

  • diagrams
  • iconic symbols