Why I created do the work BOOKS

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Why I created do the work BOOKS?


I have always enjoyed creating things, especially for other people. I would naturally feel a great sense of motivation to make something for others.  In turn, I would receive a sense of accomplishment when my creation was given to them. From home-made cards, knitted accessories, friendship bracelets, even home-cooked meals or specially wrapped presents that I purchased; it's no wonder that I would decide to study design and be passionate about both form and function.


Books have been an important part of my life. I make regular bookstore trips for inspiration, to purchase self-help or design books and of course browse the stationery section (I love a new journal to write in)! I enjoyed writing stories and putting together books in elementary school. A friend and I published our first 2 books at our school and it went into circulation at our library! I have been a moderate reader in the past and would never consider myself a writer for public viewing...but I have both kept and found delight in journaling all my life. I have collected books and even though I would only occasionally actually read them all, I had wanted to own them for their valuable content or how they were beautifully designed.


The moment it all began was when I designed the Life Purpose Playbook for my good friend, "Boss Babe" and "Productivity Goddess", Judy Machado-Duque. It brought joy, meaning, creativity, inspiration and a wonderful desire to collaborate with others on fulfilling their (book) dreams! What I am passionate about and believe has a great amount of value with the books I have created since, is that it involves the readers interactive experience to complete and appreciate the book. Workbooks are more than just words on a page, they contain stimulating graphics and engage the reader to participate. To successfully teach a subject matter involves some work or activity to help enable the reader to practice the material. 


I was inspired to start up my own business through, of course, books! Three in particular. I read The War Of Art (I am no exception to the act of resistance), which lead me to read Do The Work by Steven Pressfield. If you want to get anything done or even change something, you have to do the work!  The second was The Work by Byron Katie. Again, this book pushes you to do the work on a more spiritual level; ask several questions, dive deep and divulge into the real truth, find your answer by doing inner mental work. Lastly, what created big momentum was Big Magic by Elizabeth Gilbert. During the time I was reading this book, I woke in the middle of the night with a BIG MAGIC MOMENT. It forced me to sit up and write in bed my business plan and in turn created the name for my company. I had a Jerry Maguire night like no other, it was magical!


My husband and I decided to try and live a more simple life. We moved out of the big city while he worked from home and I could take care of our daughter. This gave me the opportunity to do work for myself that was more fulfilling. I want to do work that helps people (my clients) but not only that, helps even more people (their clients)! I want to do work that contributes to the world and gives hope for our future. I want to create for others, keep loving books and collaborate with heart-centered teachers. Thanks to these teachers wanting to spread their knowledge and help seekers and on going learners master and achieve their dreams and passions. They will also experience their big magic moment and to help them DO THE WORK...through books...that WORK!

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