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I help people, help people.

I am on a mission to make books work, I mean really work.

For you (the author) and for your audience (the reader).

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Theresa McNeilly

This is my work/story.


what to do?

I remember when I was little, always wanting and having to DO something. Making crafts was something I enjoyed doing but then I realized I liked making things for other people. I enjoyed creating with purpose.

In school I loved the creativity of our art class and decided to go to college for design. I was drawn toward and excelled in the design methodology. Several team projects labelled me as “in charge of the book" to document the entire project development. Being organized and detailed, while enjoying the design process, allowed our team projects to come together seamlessly and successfully. I graduated at the top of my class in the Industrial Design Program and worked in the corporate world as a product designer for 10 years. Whenever I need inspiration or a pick-me-up, I turn to books. My favourite aisles at the bookstore are the design, self-help, and of course, the journal and stationery section. I enjoy creating beautiful products and continue to better understand myself with self reflection.

Designing books

After leaving my full-time job and becoming a full-time mommy, I offered to help a friend design 2 pages of her book. The 2 pages turned into designing the entire book! As we collaborated and enjoyed the process together, it turned into something greater. It was not just a book, but a productivity tool, a daily agenda, a goal setting planner - a workbook!

I love to collaborate with heart-centered entrepreneurs to create tools to help others be inspired.

Let me help you bring your teachings to life by creating a workbook that allows others to take the time for their own self-reflection on a topic only you can teach.

We don’t learn unless we “DO”. No do, no learn. No action, no results. do the work books is my passion and mission merging the design, self-help and journal sections to create beautiful workbooks that not only look good but also help others.

I now dedicate my time to helping others so they can help others. When I am not a stay at home mom in Muskoka, I make trips to Toronto visiting my favourite bookstore.


do the work books DESIGNER Theresa McNeilly
do the work books DESIGNER Theresa McNeilly




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